The world around us (Technology)

The world around us (Technology)

The world around us is ever changing, from the bitter winters to the sweet summers. It is really interesting that the world of is today is digitalised. So we can’t deny the fact that we need to flow with it.

Therefore, it is important to familiarise ourselves with the computer skills otherwise we will be left behind. These skills not only helps us to find better jobs but also helps to check our children’s homework as their learning depends on computers mostly. If we don’t familiarise with computer usage then we won’t be able to help our children with their school work. As parents it’s our duty to check and help them.

Technology is also highly important in the world of business. They use it to advertise their businesses, to keep the business up-date,always ready, to do EFT on staff salaries, keeping records of the business and many more.

Importance of technology; It is easy, fast, accurate and can store a lot of information within a short period of time, it is very safe, help mankind problems. It also helps on navigation. There so many things one can do with technology in one way or another.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So its disadvantages are; people became less self-reliant if the machine breaks down, less value in human workers this is so because technology can do a lot of work in seconds but people can do in along period of time so employers prefer to use  computers and hire few people who can manage them so technology had taken peoples jobs.

All in all, technology is the most influential tool as the world is evolving at a fast rate.