Ultimately hope to our bright future

Ultimately hope to our bright future

Isifundo is the only computer training that give us hope, why I am saying this because I never thought that I will be able to operate computer or laptop. Isifundo helps us a lot in computer training skills without even paying a cent. They train us for free. This Isifundo computer training combine young and old people.  I had a dream when I was young but never thought it will come true one day.

Growing up in a poor family was not that easy because if you had a vision you would not succeed in money to make us believe that there is chance to fulfil our dreams. I can still have that light of hope to make my life better.

I came here in Johannesburg seeking green pastures, like everybody, but it was not easy as I   thought. When I was young doing my matric I was thinking for doing big things in future, but having no money was the stumbling block in my life so I could not further my studies. This thing is the big issue in our country. I find myself working as a domestic worker since I finish my matric years ago.

When I heard about Isifundo computer training I told myself that I do not want to miss this opportunity. I started doing class last year February and it was not easy but look at me now, operating a computer for the first time was amazing. Our teachers give their best, they teach us Microsoft word, introduction in excel and power point. These days we are doing word Press and programming in excel. We have lots of fun.

To tell the truth it does not matter how old you are as long as you have passion. I am one of those who gave up hope until I found out about Isifundo. We want to improve our lives, but without Isifundo will not do that. Now I can plan to do my own business as is one of my dreams. I also want to teach young kids from poor background how to operate computer.

Thanks to the people who came with the idea of Isifundo.