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When I first came to Johannesburg it was so difficult for me to acquaint myself with the taxi system.  I had to learn more about hand signals. These signs helps to communicate between the driver and the passenger.  It took time for me to learn these signs.  Each location has its own specific sign.

It is a way of living in Jozi when you wake up, you think of how I will get to work/school.  Of course you should also know how to do this.  The taxi industry helps a lot with transport to and from work.  It is at its highest peak in the mornings and afternoons.

These taxis can assist in getting you to work very early, or very late or sometimes on time.  This is so because when you are at the bus stop waiting for the taxi to come, sometimes you can stand there for more than half an hour and this will make you late for work, but sometimes you come to the bus stop then the taxi comes as well, then you will be very early at work.  So sometimes taxis have no specific time.

It is usual for the taxi to be on the left lane of the road because they can stop at any time to drop off or pick up a passenger at any place.  So taxi transportation is very convenient in this case.  The other thing is when you come in the taxi you have to greet fellow passengers you found in the taxi.  If you are not sure about calculations of money then you do not have to sit in the front.  Please don’t sit in front with the driver because everyone in the taxi (sitting in rows) will give you the money so if there is change you have to give back the change.  Finally you count all the money and tell the driver how much and give him the money.  Its awesome!  This process encourages people to be maths orientated when they are on a trip because anything can happen.  Thanks to the taxi industry!