Never give up!

Never giving up means learning through our mistakes.  By keeping on trying  we will reach our goal.  It can take a long time before the goal is reached but keep on believing and pushing hard then one day you will celebrate your success.  Everything is possible and for this to happen, you need to work extra hard and also to be passionate about what you want to achieve.  If you can’t succeed where you are right now, then know that God has a plan!  If you are just disappointed and stop trying, then you will not see the opportunities and everything will seem more difficult because you did not develop the skills to see the chances that could follow.

Challenges might be difficult to overcome but they need strong mind and spirit.  You should be happy at the end of the day when you achieve the goal.  That’s the right thing to do and you deserve to be happy.  Do not underestimate yourself because you are stronger than you think.  If you don’t achieve your goal, someone else will!  There are other people worse off than you but they have done and achieved certain goals in their lives.  Always have in mind the spirit of winning and be successful in life no matter the circumstance.  Never fear your challenge or give up!