Living my dream at last

Living my dream at last

This is my time for my dream to come true now. I am saying this because first I was in the dark space before I heard about Isifundo computer training. I was like a candle under the table. These days the candle is shining bright on top of the table. Really my dream comes true at my age while people already written me off. The perseverance that I have from last year at Isifundo computer training until now works wonders for my life.

To be honest it was not easy, it was like climbing mountain while starting my training. From my young age I had a dream, and a dream was to do computer literacy. I told myself that this is my chance to live my dream, and I am very patient because I know what I want, and I am trying my best. I want to use knowledge I get from Isifundo to fulfil my dream.

I tried so much to change my life at other institutions but I failed due to lack of finance, at last I did find computer training at Isifundo and its free training course so I put all my effort into it. I am still working but on Saturdays I don’t waste my time but I spend my part time at Isifundo computer training to improve my life. Since I arrived at Isifundo I do realise that I am living my dream of become computer trained.The work that I am now working it is not my career and my dream job while I was at school so Isifundo gave me hope and trust that I still have chance to change my life from zero to hero.

Once I finished my studies about computer training I will not waste any more time to starting my own business. I know as a woman I have ability and potential to become one of successful entrepreneur in South Africa and abroad. I like to encourage the people that to come to Isifundo computer training because all my lecturers are very patient and friendly  who help people to start computer for first time. They are very excellent and skillful to assist where you have problems, also what I like about being computer literate is the chances are unlimited to become what you like. In my mind I am already entrepreneur and what left is to put what I learned in practice. All the modules of computer I have done here at Isifundo are guaranteed more than 100% and they are very professional.These days we living in the world of technology, I think having computer skills is very much important to all of us.