My journey to learning computers

FullSizeRenderIt was so exciting and nervous at the same time. To be honest at first it was difficult for me because I did not know how to operate computer. I did not even try it before and my teacher taught me to talk with its buttons and he told me that if you touch the button it does not break. The first day my fingers were so hard to be controlled to press the relevant buttons of a computer. After few weeks I learned how to type with my two hands.

My teachers were very polite and humble to help me while I was struggling to get use to my computer, they also introduced us to some modules of a computer like Word, Excel and Power Point. It was very difficult to copy at first how to learned about Word Module as we started to type a CV’s and e-mails. We also learned about Excel Module as we were Formatting, Cell Entries, Toolbars and Serving and Opening Workbook files and we also learned PowerPoint as we dealing about Purpose and Use of PowerPoint, Create New Presentation, Edit and format the Presentation and Running a slideshow.

I want to thank all my teachers who brought hope to me and said that everything was possible. I also thank God because He is the one who make things possible. Our teachers are Eve who teach Excel, Hercules and Neville teach PowerPoint, Gugu teach Microsoft Word, and Rhyn teach us Word Press. They are so humble. Word Press is amazing and exciting. Right now I am enjoying and I want to start my own business when I finish my course. Some of the student got the job and what I enjoy the most is that we take our own time, we do not rush to finish we take our exercise step by step.