Helping the Needy

Helping the Needy

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “needy”, is someone who is supposed to give help in the form of money, clothing or food. But this word is beyond that. Some people do not have enough themselves but are willing to help. In that case, they help in the unusual way that the needy would imagine.

Some people do not have money but can do other things like; volunteer work, some are good at advising, so they use these talents to help others. In that way you can also help others.

Others are good at guiding spiritually and this is very important as well. Many people long to hear the word of God. Many times we focus on our earthly and material needs in the process forgetting that we also need spiritual guidance.

Those who have money try their best to help those they can by sending destitute children to schools or giving others work and shelter.

But there are some people who help others by imparting knowledge. They teach new skills that the needy can use to prosper in life. So every bit of help is important and one should embrace it and be grateful. If someone cares for you and helps you, then that’s more than a blessing.

I am very thankful to everyone who helped me to be where I am today. You have played a great role in my family as a whole. It means the world to know people who care so selflessly.

So there are many ways one can use to help those in need. Every help that is given is equally important and should be appreciated. To those who help be blessed more so that they can continue doing their good work.