Education can open locked doors

Education can open locked doors

When I was the young girl at the primary school, I was not aware that is vital important and so powerful. I was going to school for fun and just because my friends were also going to school. We were enjoying it, it was fun.

What I am trying to say is that when you have given time a chance to go to school, please do not hesitate, you must grab it with both hands, because it is where your future begins. No one can steal it from you.

Education is the unbreakable stone, where ever you go it is your weapon to fight poverty. Education gives us knowledge which is the very powerful tool in the whole world. If you are educated you will never suffer, even if your parents are not around, but if you are educated will feel like a powerful person.

Times are gone when our parents were illiterate people and knew nothing around the world. We as new generation we need being educated and have knowledge about what is going on around the world. Education also brings confident and determination to the people. We are living in world of technology and we must know how to operate computer as it makes our lives easy every day. The biggest challenge around world nowadays is insufficient scientists like doctors and chatted accountants so we need to encourage our children to be educated.

Education is also very important because it combine people around our global. Our world is also facing climate exchange so countries need people who can suggest which methods we can use to overcome that crises. We also have hope that there will be the researchers who would come with the plans in a mean while.

We thank mother of all professional who made foundation and the roof of our education who is teachers.