You can’t fix your past but you can start a new or better future with some help.

Hi, our names are Emma and Kate today we gave up our spare time to let people see a computer, for the first time. Let’s just admit it, technology is our future. If these people don’t know what a computer is they won’t know what is happening in the future. so that’s why we took our knowledge of computers and made use of it.Today we introduced them to a keyboard and mouse. At first, there was a lot of doubt from some people because they thought they couldn’t do it. but … there is now a lot more confidence now that they know what we are talking about. They might have felt overwhelmed at first because we are only 12 and that could be quite intimidating seeing that we have better knowledge on computers than them. We are going to try come to isifundo every week for the next four weeks to bring these people through this course.