An unforgettable moment

An unforgettable moment

You should have seen the smile on their faces, it was a bright and shining day. Some woke up early that day even the late comers came early because we were told to come at the gathering place before usual time, but I was the only one who came late, I miss transport but because our teachers have God in them, one of them came back to fetch me. Let me tell you they do that for free and from the bottom of their heart because their aim is to help poor people.

All of us were so stunning and neat and we were acting like professionals that day. As I keep on saying that Isifundo has changed our lives and style of living, and that was emphasized during that day of which we all never forget. Everyone were participating. We were asked to express our feelings about what we have achieved at Isifundo computer training. Some spoke their mother tongue, some forgot what they want to say because of excitement and nervous. Some were very shy not even put they head up.

Our teachers encouraged us to be ourselves and express our feelings. It did not end there, let me tell you what happened, our teachers brought us delicious cakes and drinks. It was the most exciting moment. In other word the theme of the day was that” what have you achieved at Isifundo computer training

To be honest Isifundo is the place to be!!