Computer Literacy Training: A word of encouragement

Computer Literacy Training: A word of encouragement

Isifundo helps people with free computer  skills that results to people finding better jobs .It is vital to have these  skills. Many people from Isifundo have bettered their lives through finding descent jobs.
It’s a pity that some people drop at an early stage  without even gaining anything, people stop coming to classes for many different reasons. I understand but sometimes they should stay a little bit longer then your life will change.
Examples of people who have found better jobs through these skills are: Elizabeth, Ruth, Ziyanda and myself to name but a  few. I am encouraging anyone who wants to start the program to do so and to those who are doing it to continue until they feel that they can use these skills in any work place because it is very fruitful at the end.
Thanks to all the teachers for their  dedication.